Most of what belongs on this “About” page can be found here, in my first post.

I began writing without any intention of sharing—just another rambling journal entry to file away with the rest. But by the time I finished, I asked myself—What if I started writing the way I used to, when I was young and couldn’t give a damn what other people thought of what I was saying? What if I made an attempt to let go of my writer’s anxiety—of that obsessive compulsion to keep everything locked away until it is “perfect,” or in other words, locked away forever? What if I just write?

I came here and created this blog, Truly Bad Writing, a place where I could be free to write—spontaneously, honestly, even badly—and as soon as I am done, immediately send it out into the ether.

No more hiding behind works-in-progress and crippling self-consciousness. For better or for worse, it’s going out there, everyday, until death do us part. Or until I don’t need it anymore. Whatever come first.

I hope there is something for all of you along the way.


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