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I haven’t missed a day yet, but as it is 2am in my corner of the world, I don’t really want to get myself all riled up writing at the moment. Every time I start writing this late, I’m up until sunrise with my mind racing.

But I also don’t want to break the promise I made to write every day.

So I decided that instead of writing a whole lengthy personal essay, I’ll do something much like I did yesterday–for those days I just can’t sit down to write at length about one thing. Instead I’ll share the articles I’ve read and shared on Facebook throughout the day.

I’m not going to go searching through them to recount the comment battles–not unless they were especially troublesome.

I’ll still write a little something to go along with these articles–maybe a little poem, or short reflective paragraph. Nothing like the kind of confessional, cathartic pieces I’ve been churning out. It’s too much to handle discharging that much emotion on a daily basis. No, it will most likely be something short, light, maybe funny, probably arbitrary. I said I would write everyday. I didn’t say I would write a lot. And I certainly didn’t say I would write well.

So here’s to going easy on ourselves, every once in a while.


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